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Characteristics & identification

If you have any information regarding the Lime-S 1.0 and X1.3 scooter models please contact us on discord at

We're gathering as much information as possible, but some aspets of the scooters are unavailable due to the timeframe in which they were released. Please excuse some missing specs, we're actively researching this topic and are updating this page with our most recent findings. If you have any information or questions please visit our Discord server linked above.

Click on a scooter model to see a preview.

Scooter model Lime-S 1.0 Ninebot SN1.0BLK Sx2.5 Lime-S 3.0 M1.1 X1.3 Gen.4 (Jump) Lime-S 4.0
Max speed (rated) 24 25 25 20/24 (region) 25 20/25 (region)
Battery (Wh) 460.8 371 317 572 460.8 324 414/468 444/458.8 (compatible with Jump)
Battery (mAh) 12800 10200 8800 15900 12800 9000 11500/13000 12000/12400
Number of batteries 1 2 1
Voltage 36-42
Net weight (kg) ~15 14 17 22.5 20 ~20 27.7
Power (nominal) 250W 300W 250W/300W (revision) 250W 350W 250W
Motor type Front/Rear hub (revision) Front hub Rear hub
Brakes Rear drum Electrical front, rear foot Rear drum Front drum Dual drum (front, rear)
Removable battery No Yes
Shock absorption Front spring None/Front spring (revision) Front spring Front dual telescopic
Front tire (inch) 8 8 8 10 12
Rear tire (inch) 8 7.5 8 10
Screen type Varies Speed/battery Speed/battery Advanced Speed/battery Speed/battery Simple Simple speed/battery
Ambient lights No Green underglow No 3-color strip below the display nd 3-color strip below the display
NFC No Yes
IoT generation Gen 1 or LBCAT-S v1 (revision) LBCAT-S v1 LBCAT-S v2 LIME-V3-US / LIME-V3-EU (region) Lime-4.0-US/Lime-4.0-EU (region)
IoT/ESC integration No
Dimensions (height/width/length) (mm) 1170/495/1070 1020/430/1130 1310/495/1020 1205/486/1165 1270/495/1190
(v1 and v2)
nd, probably similar to Lime-S 4.0 1150/605/1300

nd - no data


SN1.0BLK scooters can be unlocked using the standard SNSC procedures.
Unpatched Sx2.5 scooters can be hacked using an Arduino and some commands. There's a guide is available here (click).
Lime-S 3.0, M1.1 and X1.3 scooters can be unlocked using this (click) dump.
There is no data regarding the 4.0 series as of this moment.

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