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Xiaomi M-series Error codes

CodeDescriptionAdditional information
10No communication between BLE and ESCCheck the connection between BLE and ESC
11Motor phase A current out of range
12Motor phase B current out of range
13Motor phase C current out of range
14Throttle handle position out of rangeThrottle might be stuck, faulty or disconnected
15Brake handle position out of rangeBrake handle might be stuck, faulty or disconnected
18Motor sensor read abnormal
21No communication with internal BMSCheck data connector between internal battery and ESC, replace the battery
22Internal BMS config invalidReplace internal BMS or battery
23Internal BMS not activated (has default S/N)Replace internal BMS or battery/change SN
24Charger voltage abnormal
26Flash save errorTry to flash ESC with ST-Link/replace ESC
27ESC config invalidTry to flash ESC with ST-Link/replace ESC
28MOSFET status abnormal
29MOSFET low status abnormal
35ESC not activated, has default S/N
39Battery temperature abnormal
40Controller temperature abnormal

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