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Characteristics & identification

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Model E22/D/E E25D/E/A E45/D/E E8 E10 E12
Max speed 25/20 kph (version) 20/25/28km/h (version) 30/20/25 (version) 14 kph 16 kph 18 kph
Range 25 km 25 km 45 km 10 km
Battery (Wh) 187 215 368 55.08
Battery (mAh) 5100 mAh 5960 mAh 10200 mAh 2550 mAh
Voltage 36-42V 21.6V
Net weight 11 kg 14.4 kg 16.4 kg 8 kg 8.4 kg
Charging time (hrs) 3.5 4 7.5 3-4
Power (nominal) 300W 130W 150W
Power (peak) 700W 800W 200W
Motor type Front hub Rear hub
Max angle (%) 15 20 unknown
Brakes Electrical front brake, Mechanical rear foot brake. Rear magnetic brake in some versions. Electrical and Mechanical rear foot brake, rear magnetic.
Braking distance (20km/h) 2-4m N/A
Shock absorption N/A Front
Front Tire (inch) 9 unknown
Rear Tire (inch) 9 unknown
Tire type Pneumatic Solid
Max payload 100 kg 50 kg 60 kg
App/Bluetooth Yes No
LED Screen Yes Single LED indicator
Visibility Headlight, rear light, reflectors. Reflectors, maybe head/rear light (unclear)
Underglow lights No Only on E and A versions Only on regular and E versions No Yes
Dimension (LxWxH)(cm) Unfolded: 116 × 42 × 117

Folded: 119 × 42 × 36
Unfolded: 83 x 33.5 x 85
Folded: 87.5 x 33.5 x 32
Water Resistance (IP) 54


No apps support the E-series at this time due to lack of popularity of the E-series. It's expected that more developers will support them after they become more popular. E8 hacking is not possible due to a lack of bluetooth.

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