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Ninebot Max - SNSC 2.x series

The Ninebot Max is little less popular scooter.
The same rough design is carried over the whole line, the scooter always including a mechanical front brake and electrical rear brake.

Characteristics & identification

Click on a scooter model to show a preview.

Scooter modelMaxMax LiteSNSC2.0/2.1SNSC2.2SNSC2.3SNSC2.3.2
Max speed 20/25/30km/h 20/25/30km/h 20/25 km/h
Range 65km 40km 60km (up to 100km on 1004Wh) 55km (<100km on 1004 Wh)
Battery (Wh) 551 367 551/1004 (optional)
Ramovable battery No No Yes
3-pin charging connector Yes No Yes No
Voltage 36-42V
Net weight 19kg 17.5kg 20kg 24.6kg 27.5kg
Charging time (hrs) 6 6.5 6 4h (external 5A charger)
Power (nominal) 350
Power (peak) 700
Motor type Rear Hub
Max angle (%) 20 14
Brakes Electrical rear Drum front Electrical rear, drum front, optional rear drum Electrical rear, drum front, drum rear (optional on 2.2, stock on the rest)
Braking distance (20km/h) 2 meters
Shock absorption N/A Front
Front Tire (inch) 10 Pneumatic
Rear Tire (inch) 10 Pneumatic
Max payload 100kg
App/Bluetooth Yes Varies
LED screen Yes Yes, unless replaced Varies depending on the configuration
Visibility Headlight, rear light, reflectors on some models
“Mood lights” (RGB LEDs) No Optional
Indicators No Yes
NFC No Optional
Dimension (LxWxH)
Unfolded: 112x47x120cm

Folded: 112x47x53cm

Unfolded: 110x47x115cm

Folded: 110x46x53cm

Unfolded: 112x47x120 cm

Folded: N/A
No data, about the same as 2.0/2.1
Water resistance IPX4 Vehicle and controller - IPX5, battery and internal charger - IPX7 Vehicle - IPX4, battery and controller - IPX7


Ninebot Max and SNSC2.0/2.1 scooters are supported by many apps and developers and are as popular in the hacking scene as Xiaomi scooters (they use a very similar protocol). DOES NOT publicly support the 2.2-2.4 range of scooters to decrease theft rate.

Serial number anatomy

We also have battery SN anatomy, available here (click)

Visual diagram

The ESC serial number consists of 14 characters

Example serial number: N4GSD1939C0123

Black - Product identifier

Orange- Product version (SN prefix)

Gray - Manufacturing line at the factory

Purple- Year of production

Green- Week of production

Red- Product revision

Blue - Serial number unique for every unit made in each week

Product identifiers

  • N4G represents a consumer version of the scooter(G30/D/P/LP)
  • N4L represents a rental version of the scooter(SNSC2.0)
  • N4Z represents a rental version of the Ninebot Max Plus first gen. (SNSC2.3)
  • NAG represents a rental version of the Max Pro in the US variant (SNSC2.2A)

Product versions (SN prefixes)

  • S is limited to 30 km/h (G30P)
  • C is limited to 25 km/h (G30)
  • E is limited to 20 km/h (G30D blue)
  • P is limited to 20 km/h (G30D yellow)
  • N is a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LP) serial prefix, limited to 30 km/h
  • A is a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LE) serial prefix, limited to 25 km/h
  • O is a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LE) serial prefix, limited to 25 km/h
  • M is a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LD) serial prefix, limited to 20 km/h
  • 2 is a Ninebot Max Pro, US spec (SNSC2.2A) serial prefix, limited to 25 km/h
  • C (N4YC) is a Seat Mó (G30D) serial prefix, limited to 20 km/h
  • 1 (NTG1) is an Audi EKS (G30D) serial prefix, limited to 20 km/h

Known rental SN prefixes & mfg lines

  • YL - Lyft
  • FC - Circ
  • PL - Spin
  • AK - Voi
  • HD - Voi
  • AB - Scoot911
  • BG - Bolt (Taxify)
  • AC - Qick
  • UD - Bolt (Taxify)
  • 2C - Lyft (SNSC2.2A)

Golden serial number

If you change your serial number to N4GSD1111Cxxxx (replace x-es with your current SN's numbers) and restart the scooter, it will unlock the full potential of the stock firmware.

Identifying motor version

Find your motor's serial number printed on the side of the motor.

Check out our full Ninebot Max motor anatomy (click)

  • If the motor SN starts with a 6, then it's the older version, which will slow down below 70% battery.
  • If the motor SN starts with a 9, then it's the newer version, which will retain it's 30 km/h vmax until the battery level drops below 10%
  • If the motor SN starts with a 5, then it's a rental version. Most of them behave like the older generation.

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