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NIU electric moped/scooter/motorcycle lineup comparison.

Characteristics & identification

Click on a scooter model to show a preview. Please note that specs of the models marked as (announced) are mostly unconfirmed and can change. Also keep in mind that information about the models marked as (China) comes from various overseas sources, therefore it's sometimes hard to find and might be slightly inaccurate.

Scooter model UQi UQi GT M+/MQi+ Lite M1S/MQi S MQi2
M1 Pro/MQi Pro MQi+ Sport MQi GT N1S N1 GT (N-GT) NQi Lite NQi (Lite/Citi/Sport) NQi Pro NQi GT NQi GTS NQi Cargo TQi (announced) RQi (announced) G400
 (China)  ^  [[|Gova F0]]  \\  (China)  ^  [[|Gova F2]]  (China)  ^  [[|Gova G0]]  \\  (China)  ^  [[|Gova G1]]  \\  (China)  ^  [[|Gova G2]]  \\  (China)  ^  [[|Gova G3]]  \\  (China)  ^  [[|Gova G5]]  \\  (China)  |
Top speed 45 km/h 70 km/h 45 km/h 70 km/h 45 km/h 25/45 km/h (version) 70 km/h 45 km/h 80 km/h 160 km/h 52 km/h 25 km/h 60 km/h nd
Est. range 40 km 50/60 km (version) 60 km 70 km 60/70 km (version) 80 km 65 km 80 km 140 km 70 km 70/80 km (version) 140 km 105/140 km (version) 90/115 km (version) 70/80 km (year) 240 km 130 km nd 50/60 km (version) 50 km 40/60 km (version) 50/60 (version) 60/75 (version) 80 km nd
Motor mfg. NIU/Bosch (version/year) Bosch NIU Bosch NIU nd Jin Shun/Jin Yuxing NIU nd
Nominal power 800W 1200W 800W 1200W 3000W 1500W 3000W 1500W 3000W 1500W nd nd 1200W 400W ~2000W nd
30 min max continious power 1200W 1500W 1400W 900W nd 1600W 1400W 3100W 2400W 3200W 1800W 3200W 3500W 1800W 10kW 30kW 2000W nd nd nd nd nd ~2200W nd
Battery capacity (Ah) 13/16/19/21 (version) 31/42 (version) 31 26 16/20 (version) 32 42 2×31 29 2×35 26 18/20/26/29/35 (version/year) 2×35 2×26/2×35 (version) 29/35 (year) nd nd nd 14/18 (version) 16 12/16 (version) 14/16/20 (version) 16/20 (version) 40 nd
Battery capacity (Wh) 624/768/912/1008 1488/2016 (version) 1488 1248 768/960 1536 2016 2976 1740 4200 1560 1080/1200/1560/1740/2100 4200 3120/4200 (version) 1740/2100 (year) 7000 nd 672/864 768 576/768 nd 768/960 2400 nd
Battery voltage 48V 60V nd nd 72V 48V 60V
Charging time 6-7.5h (version) 7h/9h (version) 6h 9h 4h/4.5h (charger version) 7h 6h 7-9h (batt version) 6h 5.5h/7h (batt version) 6h nd nd nd 6h/7h 6.5h 7h 7h/8.5h 6.5h nd
Fast charging support No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes nd No nd nd
Cell type 18650 (Panasonic) 18650 (EVE) 18650 (Panasonic) 18650 (EVE) 18650 (Panasonic) 18650 (EVE) 18650 (EVE/Panasonic) nd nd nd 18650 nd
Stock charger current 4A 5.2A 5A 4A 5.2A 9A/16A (charger version) 5A 2x5A 4A/5A (year) 2x6A 2x5A 5A nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd
FOC max current 30A 40A 33A 40A 40A 80A 40A 70A 40A 35A/45A (version) 70A 40A nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd
App connected Yes Yes (5G) nd Yes
Included free app connectivity 3 years
Seating capacity 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
Vehicle weight (with batt)(kg) 57 75 72 57.7 nd 59 72 115 95 nd 89 99 112 110 113 89 nd nd nd nd 53.6 kg 52 kg 53 kg nd 72 nd
Battery weight 4.6/5.2/5.3kg 11kg 11kg 8.1kg 6.5 kg 8.3kg 11kg 2x11kg 11kg 2x11kg 11kg 2x11kg 11kg nd nd nd 5.6/6.8 kg 6.4 kg 5.3 kg 5.5/6.9 kg 7/8.4 kg nd nd
Removable battery Yes nd nd nd Yes
Load capacity (kg) 147 227 221 100 221 269 nd nd nd 75 kg nd nd
Front tire 65/95-12 90/90-14 90/90-10 90/90-14 nd nd 90/90-12 90/90-14 90/90-12 90/90-14 90/90-12 nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd
Rear tire 100/80-14 110/80-14 nd nd 120/70-12 110/80-14 120/70-12 110/80-14 120/70-12 nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd
Length 1685mm 1910mm 1728mm 1640mm 1650mm 1640mm 1728mm 1949mm 1800mm nd 1800mm 1890mm 1800mm 1890mm 1800mm nd nd nd 1588mm 1570mm 1660mm 1658mm 1735mm nd
Width 700mm 740mm 661mm 657mm 660mm 657mm 661mm 700mm 700mm nd 740mm 700mm nd nd nd 720mm 675mm 725mm 690mm 700mm nd
Height 1020mm 1128mm 1131mm 1099mm 1050mm 1099mm 1131mm 1171mm 1130mm nd 1130mm 1223mm 1185mm 1223mm 1130mm nd nd nd 1024mm 1013mm 1070mm 1050mm 1045mm nd
Seat height 710mm 840mm 750mm nd 750mm 816mm 740mm nd 760mm 815mm 790mm 815mm 740mm nd nd nd nd nd nd nd 745mm nd
Seat length nd 380mm 560mm nd 560mm 782mm nd nd 600mm 600mm 600mm nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd 547mm nd
Ground clearance 160mm 180mm 126mm 180mm 145mm nd 130mm 180mm 160mm 180mm 145mm nd nd nd nd nd nd nd 110mm nd

nd - no data


Hacking is only possible with premade binaries flashed via a special tool made by Niu called the "Niu H1 Diagnostic Tool". Flashing using third party software is not possible at the moment given a lack of research into the scooters' serial communication and the fact that official updates are downloaded via the Internet, not Bluetooth.

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