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Okai ES-series scooters comparison table

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Scooter modelES100ES200ES300ES400ES400B
Max speed 20-30 kph (config)
Max range (adv) 60 km 55+ km
Battery (Wh) 460.8 768 460.8/768 (revision) 705.6
Ramovable battery No (optional on the ES200) Yes
Voltage 36 48
Net weight 23 kg 21 kg nd, around 27 kg 29 kg 34 kg
Power (nominal) 350W
Power (peak) 700W
Motor type Front BLDC hub Rear BLDC hub
Max angle (%) 15 20
Brakes front kers, rear drum Dual drum, rear kers
Shock absorption Front, different types Front hydraulic
Front Tire (inch) 8/10 (version) 10 12
Rear Tire (inch) 9
Max payload 100 kg
LED screen Full LED display
Indicators No Yes
Visibility Front/Rear lights, optional reflectors
Dimension (LxWxH) 1155x500x1188mm 1170x500x1210mm 1155x505x1220mm 1200x505x1220mm 1200x521x1220mm
Water Resistance IP67

nd - no data

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