Lime SJ2.5

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Repair instructions[edit | edit source]!u4BQlCzI!RZR__yLAud6YlQ-4AGzcFeqrN9uY5AtQiqni1IFOYtc

Customisation[edit | edit source]

As of now, there is no other known way to personalise a SJ2.5 than completely replacing its ESC by an off-the-shelf motor controler.

Replacing the ESC for SJ2.5's are fairly straight forward. You want to order yourself a new ESC. Most of us recommend using this controller from AliExpress ( If you don't have the wiring diagram already please familiarize yourself with it ( You will need it later on. The Lime SJ2.5's GPS (LBCAT), Display, Headlight, Brake Light & Regen Braking will not work if you replace it using this ESC.

- Removing Stock ESC -

Start by removing the handle bars on the SJ2.5

Next unscrew the philips head screw underneath

Next push out the display unit using a flat head screw driver

Unplug the Throttle, Brakes, Headlight and Power cable to the display be careful not to break any connections.

Unscrew the one philips head screw holding the ESC in place. The ESC should slide down in one piece.

Unplug the charging cable going into the ESC.