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SHFW v0.2.0 - short guide

Yes! It's finally there. We managed to provide our new firmware even to Xiaomi models without any restrictions.
We took control over all driving functionalities to provide you even more features. In addition we now have the
possibility to provide you any useful feature in the future.

Combined with the new Scooterhacking Utility you have the possibility to change every setting without flashing
a new firmware once.

Here is how everything works:

Profile Settings

Profile Editor


  • switch profiles
  • rename profiles
  • copy profiles into others
  • reset profil

Throttle and Brake


  • set speed limit
  • set throttle mode for each profile (speed based / dpc)
  • set current limit (speed based)
  • set current curve with auto curve builder or advanced

Motor start speed


  • set motor start speed

Cruise control


  • set cruise control mode (off, time, single tab, double tab)
  • activate increase/decrease CC speed with throttle
  • change cc behavior in DPC to speed based
  • select cruise control beep type



  • select mode when entering profile (last, sports, drive, eco)
  • disable modes (only sports mode)



  • select brake light mode (default, static, reversed, strobe, German)
  • brake light flash speed (default, reversed, strobe)
  • activate always active brake light
  • activate always active headlight

User Interface


  • choose the main dash data (displayed over motor start speed)
  • choose the idle dash data (displayed below motor start speed)
  • choose alternating dash data (shown as error message)
  • select beep type when entering the profile
  • disable reboot or shutdown beep
  • swap the power button function

Global Settings

Profile triggers


  • select active profile
  • choose which profile is selected at boot
  • choose which profile is selected at boot with brake pressed
  • choose which profile is selected at boot with throttle pressed
  • choose which profile is selected at boot with brake and throttle pressed

System settings


  • activate error suppression (16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 27, 35, 39, 43, 44)
  • change ADC resistor divider voltage (Change with caution!)

Wheel size


  • set your current wheel size

BMS emulation


  • choose your battery configuration (10S til 20S)
  • enter your battery capacity
  • choose your max cell voltage
  • choose your min cell voltage

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