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ScooterHacking Utility app

ScooterHacking utility (shu) is a free, homegrown application for Android phones, used for reading and flashing BLE, ESC and BMS firmwares.

Google Play link:

APK direct download:


As of 1st March 2021, the app is compatible with following models

  • Xiaomi M365
  • Xiaomi M365 Pro
  • Xiaomi 1s
  • Xiaomi Lite/Essential
  • Xiaomi M365 Pro 2
  • Ninebot Max G30
  • Ninebot Max G30D
  • Ninebot ES1/ES2/ES4
  • Ninebot E22/E25/E45
  • Ninebot T15

Main screen shows basic information about the connected vehicle

Below, flashing options are presented

  • Show params - displays parameters of currently loaded ZIP file
  • Load ZIP - opens file manager to let user select source ZIP file
  • Load Original - flashes original, vanilla, DRV and BLE
  • Load Custom - opens CFW manager and lets user generate cfw directly
  • FLASH - begins flashing procedure

Tools section is divided into options:

  • Change Region - allows to change serial number for the connected vehicle
  • Commands - allows acting on registers to enable KERS, DPC, lock, reboot, and others
  • Automate - sends a user-specified command on connection (for example, DPC reg activation)
  • Lock - locks the scooter in always on mode, ebrake is applied to prevent theft
  • Cruise Control - activates time-delayed cruise control, unless it has been disabled in firmware
  • Direct power control (DPC) - activates DPC reg for firmware with “Switchable, register” or “Switchable, brake” DPC option enabled
  • Always on tail light - forces tail light always ON
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