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Characteristics & identification

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Scooter model Euni ES808 M187 (Youth Edition) M365 M365 Pro M365 S1 M365 Pro 2 M365 Lite
Max speed 25 km/h 20/25 km/h (region)
Range (adv) 20km 30km 45km 30km 45km 20km
Battery capacity (Wh) 187 280 474 280 474 187
Max payload 100kg 120kg 100kg
Voltage 36V-42V
Net weight 13.2kg 12 12.5kg 14.2kg 12.5kg 14.2kg 12kg
Charging time (hrs) 2 4 5 9 5 9 4
Power (nominal) 250W 300W 250W 300W 250W
Power (peak) 500W 600W 500W 600W 500W
Motor type Front hub
Max angle (%) 12 14 20 14 20 14
Brakes Front ebrake, rear drum Front ebrake, rear disc
Shock absorption N/A
Front Tire (inch) 8 pneumatic 8.5 pneumatic
Rear Tire (inch) 8 air 8.5 pneumatic
App/Bluetooth Yes (QiCycle) Yes (Mi Home)
Screen type Speed&battery state 4-phase battery state Full dashboard
Visibility Front and rear lights Front and rear lights, reflectors (in some versions)
Dimension (LxWxH) (cm)
Folded 112x43x51

Unfolded 106x110x51

Folded 108x43x49

Unfolded 108x43x114

Folded 113x43x49

Unfolded 113x43x118

Folded 108x43x49

Unfolded 108x43x114

Folded 113x43x49

Unfolded 113x43x118
Water Resistance cert.IPX5 IP54


The M187, M365 and M365 Pro scooters are widely supported by developers and are as popular in the hacking scene as the Ninebot scooers due to their similar popularity and protocols.

The QiCycle EUNI ES808 isn't supported due to it's discontinued state and lack of popularity.

The M365 1S, Pro 2 and Lite models aren't supported by custom firmware generators made for the previous versions. No custom firmware supports these models as of August 2020.


Serial number anatomy

Visual diagram

The M-series serial number consists of 13 digits. The first 5 digits represent the scooter model. after the scooter model there's a SLASH and then there are 8 digits, that represent the actual serial number.

Checking fuse quantity by serial number

Look at the last 8 digits of the serial number. If the number is less than 35000, then you have the V1 version, which has one fuse. If the number is over 35000, then you have a V2 or higher scooter version, which has two fuses.

Checking scooter version by serial number

Look at the first 5 digits of the serial number. Below you will se a list of known versions & serial number combinations.

13678 - M365, White color, China version

13679 - M365, Black color, China version.

16057 - M187

16133 - M365, Black color, European version

16132 - M365, Black color, European version

Checking battery version by serial number

Find your 13-character battery serial number under “Battery info” in the Mi Home app or in any third-party app.

The version is represented by the first 4 characters.

List of known battery versions:

3JBG - First version (V1)

3JCG - Second version, with reinforced welds on the cells (V2)

3JEE - Third version, with reinforced soldering & welds (V3)

3GBG - Mi Electric Scooter Lite battery. Non-reinforced welds and soldering. (V1)

Identifying hook version by serial number

Scooter model 21074 with a serial number below 15107 and model 16133 with SNs between 541209 and 544518 have the non-reinforced hook which is prone to braking.

All other scooter models are equipped with the newer, reinforced hook.

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