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Characteristics & identification

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Ninebot E-series was moved to nbeseries (click)

Scooter modelMax (for comparison)ES4 (ES2 ext battery)ES2ES3 (ES1 ext battery)ES1ES1L/ES1LDSN1.0BLK (sharing)SNSC1.0 (sharing)SNSC1.0 ext battery (sharing)
Max speed25-30km/h30km/h25km/h27km/h25km/h20km/h25km/h20-25km/h20-30km/h
Range65km45km25km45km 25km 20km 40-45km25km45km
Battery (Wh)551374187374 184/187 (version) 184 371187374
Voltage 36-42V
Net weight19kg14kg12kg13.6kg 11kg 11.3kg 14kg11kg13kg
Charging time (hrs)673.57 3.5 6 (L)/3.5 (LD) 73.57
Power (nominal)350300300250/300 (revision)250250W 300
Power (peak)700800700600/700 (revision)500500W800700800
Motor typeRear Hub Front Hub
Max angle (%)20151015 10 7 151015
BrakesElectrical rear, Drum front Electrical front brake, Mechanical rear foot brake
Braking distance (20km/h)2 meters 4 meters
Shock absorptionN/A Front Rear Front N/A Front
Front Tire (inch)10 Pneumatic 8 Solid
Rear Tire (inch)10 Pneumatic 7.5 Solid
Max payload 100kg
App/Bluetooth Yes Varies
LED Screen
Visibility Headlight, Rear light Headlight, Rear reflector (rear light on the ES1LD) Headlight, Rear light
Underglow lights No Yes No Yes Varies
Dimension (LxWxH) Unfolded: 112 x 47 x 120 cm
Folded: 112 x 47 x 53 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm

Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm

Folded: 113 x 43 x 32 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm

Folded: N/A
Water Resistance (IP) 54


Ninebot ESx and SNSC1.X scooters are supported by many apps and developers and are as popular in the hacking scene as Xiaomi scooters (they use a very similar protocol).


Technical & development resources

ESC serial number anatomy

We also have battery SN anatomy, available here: (link)

Visual diagram

The ESC serial number consists of 14 characters. All ES series serial numbers start with N2.

Example serial number: N2G T X 19 39 C 0123

Black - Product identifier Orange - Product version (SN prefix)

Gray - Manufacturing line at the factory Purple - Year of production Green - Week of production Red - Product revision Blue - Serial number unique for every unit made each week

Product identifier (black)

Represents a version or edition of a scooter.

Manufacturing date ( purple / green )

The first two digits are the manufacturing year. (20 for 2020, 19 for 2019 etc.)

The last two digits are the manufacturing week.

It can be replaced with anything as it doesn't have any affect on the scooter.

Identifier/Unit serial number ( blue )

Probably an incremental counter for the number of scooters produced per week, a 3 or 4-digit number.

It can be replaced with anything as it doesn't have any purpose for the scooter.

Prefix letters ( orange )

S/H – Black ES4

A/P/J – Silver ES4

B - silver ES4 limited, no lights.

W/K/N – Black ES2

T – Silver ES2

U – Black ES2L

C – Black ES3

F/E – Black ES1

A (N6GA) - Black ES3 Plus (Costco)

Manufacturing line ( gray )

Determines which line at the factory was used to make a particular scooter.

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